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Dating Hints and Tips

Ok, you’ve done the hard part and plucked up the courage for a date......

Where to Go?

The first thing to consider is where to go. A lot of people choose to go to the cinema, but is this the best choice? For starters it’s difficult to hold a conversation so it will be difficult to judge how compatible you are and certainly won’t allow you to show your date how wonderful you are. A good choice would be to go for Lunch, normally a 1-2 hour date, so if things aren’t going so well it has a finite time – if things are going swimmingly you can always move on to somewhere else.

What to Wear?

Her - This is a million dollar question. Unfortunately we don’t all have a fairy godmother with a handful of pixie dust to transform us into a style icon, however, by following these tips anyone can learn to dress for success.

Wear something that fits. Nothing too baggy and most definitely nothing too tight (particularly if you’re going for a meal)

Have the confidence in yourself to wear what suits YOU. Pick something that emphasises your best bits, but don’t overdo it, understatement is best. If you’re comfortable with what you’re wearing this will help you stay at ease for your date.

Him - Hawaiian shirts are a no-no and definitely no musical ties!!! Smart casual is a good option with nothing too outrageous; make sure it looks like you’ve made an effort to look your best. Comfort is important so be careful if you intend to wear a suit that it fits well and the shirt collar isn’t too tight. On the same subject make sure you compliment your date on what she’s wearing, it’s always nice to know that the effort is appreciated.

What to Say?

Say What?

Awkward silences can sometimes be the downfall of a date so some minor preparation beforehand can make all the difference. Gather a small list of things you’d like to know about the other person to expand on the stuff you already know (possibly hobbies/interests, holidays they’ve been on, learn more about what they do for a living, even simple things like how they travelled to the date). Random questions can also be good as well such as "If you won a million pounds, how would you spend it?".

The most important tip of all is relax and enjoy yourself!

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