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Dating Dundee

Dating in Dundee

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Need some inspiration for your date in Dundee? We've handpicked a selection of ideas where you can get to know your date a little bit better.

Where To Go

Metro Bar and Brasserie - Located in Dundee City Quay, Metro provides fabulous views, global cuisine and no fuss. Get to know your new date better here in friendly but intimate surroundings.

Alchemy - With views overlooking Dundee waterfront and sylish decor this is a great place to entertain your date. With French and Scottish influences this is flavoursome modern cooking. A perfect location for romance to bloom. (Update, the restaurant is acccomodating private dining only at the moment, will update if this changes).

The Italian - A city centre restaurant with a casual atmosphere. If Italian's your thing then this place is a must visit - and you're date will love it too! Local ingredients combined with Italian flair and passionate staff who provide a personal touch.

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